Selected Works

"Electoral College 2016"
Matthew J. Schultz

The Idea

I wanted to accurately capture the highly polarized and complex nature of the 2016 election, and I found it by combining media's infographic portrayal of electoral college voting, with our flag:

  • Blue: Democrats/Left-leaners
  • Red: Republican/Right-leaners
  • White: Undecided/Abstainers
The varying shades of color illustrate the diverse nature of the voters within each group. I left the non-voters completely without color or varying shades; their lack of action, which affected the election, also communicated their desire to remain anonymous, and not be counted.

The flag's dimensions are squarer than an actual flag. The missing width represents the yet unfulfilled potential of the dream and idea of democracy.

Rapidograph and markers on acid-free 120 Lb. drawing paper. 7" x 5"

Availability: SOLD

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