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About Matthew J. Schultz's Art

Art brings emotion and humanity to your life. You seek out works that stir emotions, resonate aesthetics, or evoke memories. But how often do you bring that same energy into your personal and intimate spaces? Your desk at work? Your bathroom? Your car? I'm talking about the places where you are at your most unguarded, unmasked self; the places you often neglect, but are possibly the most important because it's at those times you’re likely the purest, most distilled version of you.

My goal is to bring the same beauty and emotion and energy to your personal "micro spaces" — your desk, your vehicle, your nightstand — as you bring to your macro spaces such as your living room or bedroom.

I endeavor to create an intimate emotional relationship between you and my art.

About Matthew J. Schultz

Matthew was interested in art from a very young age. Instead of playing baseball or other sports, Matthew spent his time filling notebook after notebook with his "doodles".

Planning a career in art, Matthew continued to spend his time drawing until, one day, he experienced something brand new that he knew was special; it would change him and the world: personal computers.

Immediately fascinated, wholly absorbed, and captivated, Matthew focused all of his energy and attention on this new paradigm shifting device.

Years went by.

Ever doodling, but never really returning to the passion of drawing he had as a boy.

After years of creating and building virtual things that were intellectually tangible but physically untouchable, Matthew was involved in a motorcycle accident causing him to acutely focus his attention on what was truly important in his life. Being a dad of two sons. Family. Friends. Love.

But there was something missing… a passion. After a period of deep introspection and self-reflection he had an epiphany: being an artist was his true passion.

Matthew returned to art and working with his hands by creating pieces for Art-o-mat; art that's dispensed from repurposed cigarette vending machines. His work has continued to grow and evolve from "tiny" art pieces - 3.125" x 2" in size, including handmade wood frames, to works up to 9" x 12". All the while, focused on creating an intimate relationship between the art and its owner.

Completely self-taught, Matthew's art explores and combines his love for science, technology, and the natural world.

Some pieces require that you stop what you're doing, hold them very close to you, and be present for the moment, so you can experience the minute detail. And in doing so, the art fosters an intimate relationship that's unlike other works of art.